1st Place - Beginner Short Narrative Film
"Happy Death" By Samir Huseynov
2nd Place - Beginner Short Narrative Film
"Confession" by Bakhtiyar Agabalayev
3rd Place - Beginner Short Narrative Film
"Silenced and Lost" By Emil Hasanzade
1st Place - Experienced Short Narrative Film
"Koleydoskop" By Kamran Meydanali
2nd Place - Experienced Short Narrative
Mən (Me) by Abbasağa Əlizadə 
3rd Place - Experienced Short Narrative
"Hophopnamə" By Anar Məcidov
1st Place - Beginner Documentary
"Beyond the Hill" By Ehtiram Jabiyev
2nd Place - Beginner Documentary
A Film about the Young Performer, Polad By Şövkət Fikrətqızı
3rd Place - Beginner Documentary
"Onlara Sahib Chixaq!" By Imran Asadov
1st Place - Experienced Documentary
"The Lonely Shepherd" By Orxan Adigozelov
2nd Place - Experienced Documentary
"On the Border with Peace" By Nihad Gulamzada 
3rd Place - Experienced Documentary
"When Your Brain Changes Your Life"
By Ulkar Natiqqizi  
1st Place - Music Video
"On the Cold Side of the Pillow"
By Teymur Mehdizade  
2nd Place - Music Video
"Ey Yarım" By Murad Abdullazadə 
3rd Place - Music Video
"Hipnos - Get o yanda oyna" By Rza Zeynalli